I’m a Jesus-loving, hubby-adoring, essential-oil using, home-birthing, homeschooling, crunchy mama of three girls who loves to write.

I used to deal with a debilitating issue that would last from 4-7 days twice a month…that was a LOT of my time! Cleaning up my diet and becoming highly aware of what I was putting on and around my body made a BIG difference, and finding essential oils was the final piece in the puzzle I spent 7 years searching for! I no longer spend $300 a month on medication…I no longer spend ANYTHING on synthetic stuff that has side effects! The amount of time this has redeemed is beyond monetary value. I get to be present with my family, I have the space to do things I love–like help mamas learn how to take authority over their own family’s health! I’ve taught hundreds of mamas to learn practical ways to take care of themselves and their families–and I can do the same for you!

I’m passionate about living healthy lives–in what you eat, what you put on your body, what you clean your house with, and how you are emotionally. Taking care of your body is an investment in yourself–and when you invest in yourself you have more to give others. I plan on being able to keep up with my great-grandkids!

Originally from Orange County, California, Matt and I met and lived in San Diego for 6 years before moving to Seattle for a job opportunity. After having our first girl we realized family help was underrated, and moved to Edmond, Oklahoma to be near my parents. Seven years and two more girls later we packed up and headed back West to settle in Southern Oregon. 

Being outside is where I feel most connected and grounded, and I try to bring my girls into the sunshine and wild as much as I can. 

I enjoy creating things like watercolor paintings and quilts and nourishing meals, cultivating things like the plants in my yard and kids in my care, and if yoga or trail running isn’t cutting it for stress relief, I enjoy target practice with my bow or guns.