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Spring Sale and April Freebies! Yes Please!

Spring is a time to reconnect to the planet, to shake off the buildup of winter and have a fresh start. With spring in full bloom, we’re focusing on cultivating a clean and essential lifestyle with April’s gifts and these spring sales!

Don’t forget this is not just about cleaning your home🏠 its also about cleaning your inside and out with the highly missed Digest & Cleanse that is back today and our clean Savvy Makeup sale! Time to stock up!

And did you see this?! I used to be a Mac makeup gal but these have completely won me over, and I don’t have to worry about it messing with my endocrine system!

We’ve got Lemon, Peppermint, and Tangerine essential oils to assist you in spring cleaning by helping get rid of sticky residue, Purification essential oil blend for sweeping unwanted odors out the door, a 250 ml room spray bottle for custom essential oil-infused spritzes to replace synthetic room fresheners, Lushious Lemon essential oil blend to capture the spirit of spring growth, Pine essential oil for synthetic-free DIY cleaning products, and Life 9 for probiotic support for healthy digestion.

Every month this generous company loads us up with free items simply for being loyal customers. We purchase items we’d be buying anyway – toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, makeup, supplements and cleaning supplies, etc – from Young Living, and we not only get amazing, high quality products that are safe for our families, we get free products, free shipping, delivery to our doorstep and product credits galore! I am ALL about boxes of safe, effective and healthy products showing up in my mailbox with fun freebies inside!

For some of our favorite ways to use these oils, check out the “How to Use April’s Gift with Purchase’ in the Life Steps App monthly resources! www.lifestepsapp.com

During the month of April…

With any Subscribe to Save order of 100PV or more you will receive a free 15mL Lemon oil! Retail value $15.79

Lemon essential oil

• Brighten up your space with sunshine in a bottle. Add Lemon to your diffuser any time of day for a pick me up.

• Remove unwanted odors, remove sticky residue, spot-treat laundry stains and more with this versatile oil!

With any order (Subscribe to Save or one time shop order) of 190PV or more, you’ll receive a free 15mL Purification oil blend! If your order is a Subscribe to Save order you’ll also receive a free 5mL Peppermint, a 15mL Tangerine and 15mL Lemon. Retail value: $89.47

Purification essential oil blend

• Kick unwanted odors to the curb with this purifying blend of Melrose, Tea Tree, Lemongrass essential oils.

• Support healthy airways. Make a simple chest rub with Purification and coconut oil.

Peppermint essential oil (Subscribe to Save orders)

• From workouts to focus to digestion to tension, this is one of the most versatile oils around!

• Diffuse this crisp, fresh oil to brighten any space, including in your car!

Tangerine essential oil (Subscribe to Save orders)

• There’s no wrong way to use this sweet, happy citrus oil. Diffuse, use in cleaning DIYs, add to an Epsom salt bath, add to your favorite roller!

• Diffuse Tangerine while studying, working or during art class to inspire creativity.

With any order of 250PV, you’ll receive a free 250mL Spray Bottle, a 15mL Lushious Lemon blend, and a 15mL Purification! If your order is a Subscribe to Save order you’ll also receive a free 5mL Peppermint, a 15mL Tangerine and 15mL Lemon. Retail value: $156.77

Spray bottle

• Freshen up your space with a custom scent! Create a simple room spray with 40-50 drops essential oil, 1 Tbsp witch hazel and filtered water.

• Use this bottle to whip up a smaller amount of Thieves Household Cleaner to keep in your bathroom.

Lushious Lemon essential oil blend

• Scented candles have nothing on this fresh citrus blend. Diffuse Lushious Lemon any time of day to create a bright, happy, welcoming aroma in your space.

Peppermint essential oil

• Diffuse to bring a refreshing scent to the home

• Add a drop too a wet washcloth to place on the back of your neck while working outside in the sun

• Smell right from the bottle to help on windy roads or airplanes

With any order of 300PV, you’ll receive a free 15mL Pine, a glass spray bottle, a 15mL Lushious Lemon and a 15mL Purification! If your order is a Subscribe to Save order you’ll also receive a free bottle of Life 9 Probiotic, a 5mL Peppermint, a 15mL Tangerine and 15mL Lemon. Retail value: $218.28

Pine essential oil

• Spring clean the entire house with this evergreen oil. Add to your Thieves Household Cleaner, the mop bucket, wool dryer balls and your DIY room sprays!

• Support the airways. Add Pine to a roller and dilute and roll over the chest and back as desired.

Life 9 Probiotic

• Support overall health and wellness daily with this foundational supplement. Probiotics are a cornerstone of health, and Life 9 is an incredible, high-potency probiotic that supports immune and digestive health.

Gift With Purchase & Subscribe to Save FAQs:

What is the gift with purchase?

Basically the best way to order ever! You purchase products and YL sends you free ones! Each month you’ll have new picks for every tier. What’s a tier? Basically, the more PV (product volume) you order, the more free products you receive!

• Order at least 100 PV to qualify for free products.

• Every time you increase your order volume (up to 400 PV) and qualify for a new tier, you receive free products.

Earn points on products

Not only do you receive free goodies, but if you place a 50 PV+ order each month with the Subscribe to Save program, you’ll also earn loyalty points on each purchase, which you can redeem for future products.