Young Living

Why Young Living?

My search for clean products began years before I discovered Young Living or essential oils. After figuring out my twice monthly, 4-7 day long migraines were connected to my hormones, I set off on a quest to 1) clean up my diet and ditch any added hormones in animal products or foods that promote estrogen, and 2) clean up my personal products.

By “clean” I mean products that didn’t contain any endocrine disruptors–ingredients that would throw off the endocrine system that produces hormones and regulates so many vital functions in our body. Another thing to avoid? Carcinogens like parabens, synthetic fragrances (of which there are over 3,000), chemical dyes, and a slew of other things that just aren’t great to be slathering on your body every day for 50 years. In 2010 I had basically two “clean” shampoo choices–and both of them sucked.

Still, ditching toxic things from my hairspray to soap to laundry detergent to toothpaste made a drastic difference in my body…but still I had to check every single ingredient every time I bought something, because often the ingredients had changed or new information was out that a previously thought safe ingredient was in fact, not.

Thank GOODNESS I was introduced to Young Living. Although I just started with essential oils, I gradually began to branch out into their many different areas of products. Still a researcher, I check all the ingredients on places like the Environmental Working Group and the Think Dirty app, and they all pass with flying colors. It’s SO nice to not have to worry about what I’m using on not just my own body, but my 3 little girls and dog, too.

So if you’re looking for clean products that actually promote balance and health in your body–take a look at our nearly 800 products! If you took a few minutes to check out the Essential Oils page, or the Seed to Seal website, you know there’s a ton of attention to detail that goes into the selection of seeds, the growth, harvest, and distillation of our oils. That same care and testing (sometimes a product is tested and studied for years before release!) goes into all of our products. 

From household cleaning to makeup to skincare to hygiene, Young Living’s gotcha covered with products that are not just devoid of ingredients that can be harmful to you, but they actually help your body. 

Ready to get started? There’s no monthly commitment (although you DO benefit with a Subscribe & Save program!), you never have to “sell” anything or host a party–just order and use what you want and start your family benefitting from essential oils today! We started 8 years ago and will never stop!