Animals & Oils
You’ve been using essential oils to help keep you and your family above the wellness line--but what about the furry and feathery members of your family? Yep, essential oils can be used on all pets! Join us for this informative class on addressing some major issues animals face--from kittenhood to older pets. We’ll give you tools you need to keep your hooved and tail-wagging friends at their best--emotionally and physically!

We'll meet up on May 1st at The Hen House, 145 N 5th St in Jacksonville, Oregon. We might meet outside if the weather is nice, and I'll have my 1 year old dog there for demonstrations!

Make sure to register to receive a free oil sample!

I'll also have my Zyto scan available and...BIG NEWS...I'm upgrading the software to get more reports on body systems like digestive and immune systems, emotions, sleep, reports on specific organs, and you can even scan for your top foods and foods to maybe eat less of! Scans are still only $5 (if y'all know the cost you know that's a steal!) or free if you're on my team!