Hello March!


If it is not spring yet where you are, it will be soon! We are focusing on Spring Cleaning this month and fighting any seasonal 'things'... if you know what I mean. ;)
Let the recipe below be your hint on that one! This works like a charm and SO much faster than those over-the-counter "solutions”... not to mention it’s a whole lot safer. Tip: you can also take all of these in Vitality form in a capsule! Remember...the only difference between Lavender and Lavender Vitality...is the color of the label ;-)



Did you miss the Love Your Lymph Class? I've got awesome news for you--you can still access a recording of the class AND the Lymph Challenge Vault!!! All the details about the 14-Day Protocol to tune up your lymph system are right there available online or the AttractWell App! 

This month I'll be teaching a class called "Endocrine....How YOU been?"

Ok I know its cheesy, but your endocrine system is so important for your hormones, sleep, metabolism, energy, emotions and mood, blood pressure, fertility, sex drive, and so much more! This is a complex system, but there are great ways you can support it! I'm speaking from personal experience here--I've spent the past 12 years working on repairing my endocrine system and my body is so much healthier now! We'll also be talking about endocrine disrupters...those hidden things that you don't even realize are on, in, and around your body that are messing with your system! Join me on Zoom March 12th at 6:30 PST, or in person here in Southern Oregon on March 13th at 6:30!

This month (if you live local) you'll get one more chance to join in a Lucy Libido says...There's an Oil for THAT Class! Join me at The Hen House--a social boutique in Jacksonville, Oregon on March 20th at 6:30 and get ready to take lots of notes!

To register for any of these classes, head to our Events Page

Monthly Gifts with Purchase

Be sure to check out this month's gifts with purchase! My favorite facial cleaner, Lushious Lemon oil blend (soooo yummy to diffuse!), Golden Turmeric dietary supplement—y’all know how amazing turmeric is, right? Now combine that with the power of oils and *mind blown*! All of that, and some oil-infused yummy tea is available for FREE this month! Click on the picture to learn more!


Have you started your Loyalty Rewards orders yet? It's the best deal! Earn points to cash in for free products when you order 50PV or more every month. You'll also be able to earn a FREE Desert Mist diffuser after the second order! Learn more about Loyalty Rewards HERE.

Want to learn more about the Thieves Line? Check out the All Things Thieves Resource HERE.

As always, if you have questions on how to place an order, how you can earn money by sharing Young Living, or what the heck Hong Kuai is good for drop me a line! 

This Diffuser Sale is INSANE

In 9 year with Young Living this is the craziest deal I've seen!
Are you sitting down?
Seriously, this is simply incredible. 

Starting Monday at 9am MT, while supplies last, Young Living is having a HUGE sale on some of the most popular diffusers (plus MORE) and you are not even going to believe these prices!

A few things to know about these diffusers:
💧 They do not come with any essential oils.
💧 They do not have any PV whatsoever.
💧 They DO carry the one year warranty.

Think of this like a warehouse clearance sale because that's exactly what this is.  YL is simply making room for more wonderful things to come so this is YOUR time to stock that gift closet!  

No home should be without a diffuser and at these prices, no ROOM should be without a diffuser. 

Okay, ya ready for the prices????
Are you sure??????
Sit down for this one. 

Desert Mist Diffuser:
Buy one - $15 
Buy two - $20 
Buy a case of 6 - $48 

Ember Diffuser:
Buy one - $15 
Buy two - $20 
But a case of 12 - $96 

Feather Diffuser:
Buy one - $15 
Buy two - $20 
Buy a case of 6 - $48 

Haven Diffuser:
Buy one - $15 
Buy two - $20 
Buy a case of 12 - $96 

Lucia Diffuser:
Buy one - $15 
Buy two - $20 
Buy a case of 6 - $48 

Lustre Diffuser:
Buy one - $15 
Buy two - $20 
Buy a case of 4 diffusers - $32 

For a sway with all the pics of what’s on sale and more details:


Hooray for Octobers!

A cup of hot coffee wrapped in a blanket on the back porch, pulling on a warm hoodie when the sun dips behind the hills, and seeing the beautiful colors of autumn intensify overnight--so many things to love about this time of year!
Along with those can come runny noses, little coughs, and sore throats...no fun! Make sure to keep your immune system healthy this season by avoiding sugar, eating lots of clean, whole foods, and of course using your essential oils! 

This month's freebies have SO many uses! Check out the newsletter with diffuser recipes, kitchen recipes, product spotlight, news and more!

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