Is it Autumn yet?

Get ready for the cooler weather and all the fun fall activities, but also be prepared for runny noses and weakened immune systems. This season is not just "flu season," but also "sugar and stress season." Avoid overloading your body with sugar and evaluate the activities you say "yes" to this fall to minimize stress and negative impacts.

Make sure your wellness toolbox is stocked with Young Living's Thieves, DiGize, Thieves cough drops, and Inner Defense to help support your immune system during this time. It's easier to stay healthy than to recover. Additionally, replace harmful toxins and endocrine disruptors in your home by using fall diffuser recipes with Young Living essential oils, adding a few drops of Vanilla oleoresin for extra delightful scents.

Stay healthy this fall and enjoy the season without compromising your well-being by being prepared and using Young Living products to support your overall wellness.

Hooray for Octobers!

A cup of hot coffee wrapped in a blanket on the back porch, pulling on a warm hoodie when the sun dips behind the hills, and seeing the beautiful colors of autumn intensify overnight--so many things to love about this time of year!
Along with those can come runny noses, little coughs, and sore fun! Make sure to keep your immune system healthy this season by avoiding sugar, eating lots of clean, whole foods, and of course using your essential oils! 

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