Freebies For Summer!

Freebies For Summer!
Sit yourself down because the freebies this month are SO perfect for summer AND so generous!

Make sure that you are ordering the very best way, which is through Loyalty Rewards! This is our monthly wellness box loyalty program so check it out in your virtual office

Alright let’s break down these promos to see what you get!

You’ll earn your normal 10-25% back in Loyalty Rewards, PLUS an additional bonus 10 LR points! 

✨ 190PV // OWIE, 5ml
                  // STRESS AWAY, 5ml, LR Bonus
+ Owie 
For allllll the boo-boos! Another one to leave out where the kids can easily grab it when needed! It’s formulated with Tea Tree, Elemi, and other oils which are gentle and perfect for the skin, so keep this one handy for application whenever you or your little one needs some extra love and care. Just drop it right on top of any ouchie! We add roller tops to ours for easy application on the go. We haven’t met a boo-boo that Owie can’t make feel better yet! (when I shared with one mama, after she applied it on he kid she smelled it and asked if she could use it as a perfume!)

+ Stress Away
Four words, friends. 

Stress Away is like being on a tropical isle, in a hammock, sipping a pina colada. 🍹☀️ When in reality, you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, your boss just chewed you out, or your kids spilled your hot fresh cup of coffee all over the clean and folded clothes, and your baby just spit up all over you. And you have to leave for an important meeting in 5 mins. Our fave ways to use this gem: Apply to wrists or back of neck to help you chill out. Add 3 drops to 1/4 cup epsom salt and soak away your troubles in the bath. Diffuse with lavender before bed to promote a calming atmosphere

✨ 250PV // CITRONELLA, 15ml
                   // CITRUS FRESH VITALITY, 5ml
+ Citronella
Want to enjoy the outdoors this summer annoyance free ? Then grab up some Citronella. 
Make your own spray to deter pests, or diffuse it outside (grab a cordless diffuser battery to pop your diffuser on and take it anywhere you are--pests be gone!)
Also so good with Citrus Fresh for a fresh and clean smell in the kitchen! I also have used this one on our dog's collar when we take a walk in the woods!

+ Citrus Fresh Vitality
This oil is a blend of many of our citrus oils and spearmint so there is a subtle minty aroma with the citrus scents and it’s gorgeous. It’s a happy oil, diffuse this blend to lift your spirits on a dreary day. Also when diffuser this oil helps to open up the creative thinking part of your brain. It is wonderful to add to water to help flush toxins out. Anyone doing a cleanse? Mix Citrus Fresh and Ledum in a bottle, put a roller top on it and rub over areas where you store fat. Trust me on this! You’re welcome in advance. 

This is such a perfect travel diffuser! It fits in your car cupholder, has a USB plug in, runs 7 hours, has multiple light options!

✨ 400PV //  SUPER VITAMIN D, LR Bonus
                   // LAVADERM AFTER-SUN SPRAY, LR    Bonus
+ Super Vitamin D
 This plant-based Super Vitamin D is highly absorbable, vegan friendly, and completely synthetic free. Dissolvable in a delicious mixed berry-flavored tablet, and made with lemon balm extract and vitamin D (derived from lichen that is sustainably grown and harvested in the United States) to support mood and hormone regulation, it also helps support bone growth and healthy muscle. Vitamin D plays a key function in respiratory health, and through its innate and adaptive defense mechanisms, it supports the body’s respiratory immune system.
Other key ingredients include Lime peel oil that is sourced from our Finca Victoria Partner Farm in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico, plus our powerful Melissa oil. 
Contains 1000 IU per tablet! You can adjust your dosage as needed for your whole family and health needs. This is HUGELY helpful! And my kids love it as well!

+ Lavaderm After-Sun Spray
So...say you accidentally waited too long to apply the sun lotion, no worries, YL GOT YOU!  Meet handy dandy Lavaderm After Sun Spray! Completely plant based, this product is so soothing after a long day out in the sun. It’s cooling relief gives your skin just what it needs to repair and heal. The naturally derived menthol provides a topical numbing priority needed after a sunburn. Not to mention, it’s combined with soothing essential oils with potent properties to help promote skin repair and rehydration! 
What are you most excited for this month?!