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Sweet November!


What about your lymph?!

Do you love your lymph? Check out this short quiz to see if your lymph system is in need of a tune up!

Is it Autumn yet?

Get ready for the cooler weather and all the fun fall activities, but also be prepared for runny noses and weakened immune systems. This season is not just "flu season," but also "sugar and stress season." Avoid overloading your body with sugar and evaluate the activities you say "yes" to this fall to minimize stress and negative impacts.

Make sure your wellness toolbox is stocked with Young Living's Thieves, DiGize, Thieves cough drops, and Inner Defense to help support your immune system during this time. It's easier to stay healthy than to recover. Additionally, replace harmful toxins and endocrine disruptors in your home by using fall diffuser recipes with Young Living essential oils, adding a few drops of Vanilla oleoresin for extra delightful scents.

Stay healthy this fall and enjoy the season without compromising your well-being by being prepared and using Young Living products to support your overall wellness.

Classes, Freebies, and More in April!

Welcome to April!
If you were here last month, you cleaned out your home with our Thieves line… this month it’s time to focus on cleaning out your ‘temple’ and it all starts in the gut! 

Did you know that your gut health is directly related to your immune health and your mental health?!
In the US almost 70 million people struggle with digestive diseases and nearly 1 in 5 people struggle with mental illness. This is important because your emotional well being is directly linked to your gut health.

So, this month we are focusing on supporting your digestive system because it is the number #1 factor in many health conditions. 

For some great tips on how you can improve your digestive system and to learn a bit more about why this is so important and how it works, CLICK HERE to access one of my most popular resources, ‘Digestion 101’. 

This month I'm teaching Oils of Ancient Scripture on April 17th at 6:30 at The Hen House in Jacksonville.
We'll talk about 10 of the 33 species mentioned in the Bible--and learn how they were used thousands of years ago and how you can still use them today!

Not local? You can still watch this class online! The link is in the Video Classes section of the Member Vault! Not sure what that is or how to access it? Drop me a line and I'll make sure you get hooked up!

I'll also have my Zyto scan available and...BIG NEWS...I'm upgrading the software to get more reports on body systems like digestive and immune systems, emotions, sleep, reports on specific organs, and you can even scan for your top foods and foods to maybe eat less of! Scans are still only $5 (if y'all know the cost you know that's a steal!) or free if you're on my team!

You’ve been using essential oils to help keep you and your family above the wellness line--but what about the furry and feathery members of your family? Yep, essential oils can be used on all pets! Join us for this informative class on May 1st at 6:30 at The Hen House where we will be addressing some major issues animals face--from kittenhood to older pets. We’ll give you tools you need to keep your hooved and tail-wagging friends at their best--emotionally and physically! I'm hoping to have my 11 month old pup there as a willing demonstration dog! She absolutely loves oils!

Save the date for the upcoming Young Living Convention in July! Get discounted pricing on your in-person or virtual ticket until May 30th HERE. 

Why attend Convention in person?
  1. It’s an opportunity to see the Mona Farm first hand (an experience you will never forget).
  2. To smell every single oil and try all kinds of new products in the Expo.
  3. To feel the energy of thousands of other YL enthusiasts and see your favorite people from Corporate. (While it’s a large group, Convention is much smaller than it was 3 years ago which makes it even more enjoyable for the introverts.)
  4. It’s a great way to get LOADS of content for your social. #reels

CLICK HERE to check out this month's Gifts with Purchase From Young Living. I know for my family we all love the Kids MightyPro Pre and Probiotic packets--they're seriously like pixie sticks but healthy! Yes...we grownups use them, too! Lemongrass is a POWERHOUSE oil...just go look up some of the studies done on it at while you're there check out what of the main constituents in Orange essential oil...can do! Yeah yeah they smell good...but their real abilities lie so much deeper! I'll post more this month in the Member Vault! And I'm SUPER excited to nap the CBD Roller Soothe! I have the Calm Roller and LOVE it!  

This month’s wellness box ideas feature gut-friendly products!

Have you started your Loyalty Rewards orders yet? It's the best deal! Earn points to cash in for free products when you order 50PV or more every month. Learn more about Loyalty Rewards HERE.

PS: Mother’s Day is next month! If gift giving is one of your love languages, check out a few of the resources I have for some great gift ideas for the special women in your life! 

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